FOR THE REPLACEMENT 

                     OF THE “GRAYDEN PAUL BRIDGE"

Bridge repairs begin Monday

To ALL whom it may concern, 

From members of the Gallant's Channel Coalition, Beaufort Bridge Coalition, and the BBBB (Buccaneers for a Better Beaufort Bridge) with a resolution/revolution and a call to arms.

Let us remind our fellow citizens of the wonderful town Beaufort is.  We are steeped in a vast long maritime history.  Seagoing trade created Beaufort.  Even though times have changed, and there is different marine traffic, the economic impact brought from the sea is still present.  The double economic gift that the marine presence and mystic of the coast draws, is why land borne visitors are drawn here and bring their doubloons to share!  That magic is being challenged and will destroy all that is here if we don’t individually AND collectively go on the offense.

We are appealing to the good citizens of Beaufort, Carteret County and all others interested in this amazing town of Beaufort. Take the time and interest to study the facts, look at the following points, and please stand with us for a more equitable plan and to demand the NCDOT to accept the desires of the people and protect Beaufort's culture, history, community, and future.  

 Beaufort!…..It’s worth the wait!

© straydog 2012